Who is Robert Hoisan?

In a few words, Robert is a husband and a father, a philosopher, business owner, project manager, and author. These are, broadly, the things which are occupying most of his time.

Robert is currently completing a fascinating MA in Western Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London, as part of his pursue for a PhD in the Philosophy of Mind.

Another thing which Robert loves is writing children's stories. A list of his books will be updated here.

He also studies oriental languages, with a particular interest in the study of the Arabic language and literature. 

Robert has been searching for knowledge and self-improvement ever since he can remember. Such a wonderful quest made necessary an observation of the world and its people from different perspectives. Eventually, he decided on Philosophy as his primary focus.

On his path to discover true passions, Robert was involved (and still is to some extent) in various activities as a business owner, trainer, animator, seaman, project manager, translator, screenwriter, and play-writer.

Robert's view on human life could be considered a pioneering concept in thought. He is arguing about people in terms of (x) being more or less relevant than (y) within the dynamic flow of the world.

"The absolute 'relevancy' is unknown to us. However, we have a duty to remove any obstacles that are allowing us to slip into a web of emptiness, and which, without affecting our individual degree of relevancy, are in fact pulling us apart from the center of our collective, meaningful duty: progress".  

"Life is a gift which is wasted by so many who are preoccupied with insignificant details and irrelevant worries. Such small things, which do not matter to anyone else but themselves, are depriving people of the most sublime of all purposes of life: becoming a better person".

Robert's main areas of philosophical interest are the relation between technology and the human mind,  consciousness within the cosmological design, evolution, theology, and social behavior.

"Our evolutionary path has been slowed, and an acceleration in evolution will be necessary once a new and more advanced species is developed. AI will become eventually a competitor. A selfish one but still, a competitor for life on earth. When that happens, human beings will need to adapt, become smarter, and evolve faster in order to survive".

Some of Robert's thoughts might prove more controversial than others. Nevertheless, he will elaborate on his views through various writings and videos.   

Important note

Anyone is free to contact Robert using this form. However, he will not be responding to debates, or discussions related to his work, unless a request has been formulated using formal academic language, context, and methodology.

Currently this website is updating and more information will be added soon.