The value of time has been linked with our happiness and productivity. It is the only asset that cannot be purchased or regained after being lost.

My suggestion to you is to observe the intrinsic value of time. Not just what can be done in a limited period of time, but also the value of simply having time.

It is surprisingly easy to link the value of your time with the value of your activities. One way to achieve this is to frequently ask yourself this question:

Is the thing that I am doing right now the most valuable activity I can do at this time? It is your choice on defining a personal meaning for ‘valuable activity’. But the human brain does hold the tools necessary to identify the value of  time.

Once you acknowledge this fact, you will begin noticing your MVA’s (Most Valuable Activities), as well as your LVA’s (Less-Valuable Activities).

You will then consider perhaps reducing your LVA’s.


One reason is because regret is a painful enemy. With age, it’s making its way into our minds, one way or another.

And this, can be avoided.